You’ve just reached

And you may be asking yourself: “What on earth is this site supposed to be?”

Well, I am a learner of English and I try to improve my skills all the time. So, I decided to build that little blog here and post regularly some interesting bits of news or anything else that’s on my mind. You, who reads my posts, are free to comment on them and tell me what thoughts ran through your head when you read it.

Tell me if I’m right or if I’m wrong. Tell me about my grammar and other mistakes. Tell me everything you want me to know.

This blog’s purpose is to improve my language. Fortunately,  technologies of the 21st century allow me to share my knowledge, tips and also mistakes. I hope that someone out there will like this blog and that it will help people to benefit from what I’m doing here.

The end of the first post is the beginning of Enjoy it.

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4 thoughts on “You’ve just reached

  1. hey

    interessting posts you post here. I like the youtube videos ;-).

    I think you made a mistake above. You wrote “” and that is not how your url of this page.


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