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Let’s talk about language.

Writing formal letters isn’t easy. You have to watch your language and avoid using contractions or slang expressions. Imagine that you work for a company in the US and you have to write an e-mail to a vendor in Spain.

If you would use a sentence like: “We need our next delivery in a New York minute, you know”, you will a) not be taken as a professional employee and b) The recipient  of the message may not understand the collocation you have used.

So, keep in mind that for formal letters you should use no contractions and no collocations the recipient may could not understand.

From The IT Crowd:

In the video above you can hear a very good example of a beginning for a formal e-mail. Moss writes to an unknown recipient as follows:
Dear Sir or Madam

And to finish his e-mail he uses a very common sentence:
Looking forward to hearing from you.

The expression “Looking forward to..” is always followed by an infinitive.

a New York minute = very fast
premises = land and the buildings on it with their offices…

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