I’ll sue ya!

To sue someone means that you want to go to a court and ask for money because someone has done something bad to you or has said something bad about you.

So, you sue someone for something.

For example:

  • You can sue McDonald’s if you come across a spider in your Happy Meal.
  • “I’ll sue that idiot, he has stolen my car!”

Weird-Al Yankovic:

See the entire video here.

court =  trials take place there and crimes are judged
to come across = find coincidentally, find/see something without looking for it

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2 thoughts on “I’ll sue ya!

  1. In the first paragraph (“has done something bas to you”), do you really mean bas or do you mean the adjective bad?

    Your blog is so good! I think you’re going to blog some more intressting entrys! I love your blog! And i love the graphical design of this blog!.


    George 🙂

  2. You are fast and great! Continue in that way. and excuse me for my confusing english… I’m not so good as you… but i like 2 learn 2! like u!


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