Very superstitious!

The today’s word I’ve chosen to explain is superstition.

Some people are superstitious which means that they believe in things which are not scientifically explainable.

For example:

  • “I won’t go out of my house on Friday 13th, I’m sure something bad will happen!”
  • In the US in most buildings the 13th floor is left out in order to avoid unlucky incidents.

Well, you see and you maybe identify yourself as a superstitious person.

Here’s a song about superstition by Stevie Wonder:

Excertp from the lyrics:

“When you believe in things,
that you don’t understand,
then you suffer,
superstition ain’t the way”

Well, this is what I tried to explain at the beginning.

ain’t = us-slang that means is not
to suffer = feel pain / to feel uncomfortable / to feel very bad because of something (an illness “suffer from …”)

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