The English language is spoken all over the world and as a result of that different accents of the language have developed.

An accent is a variation of a language. It’s the way people from an specific area, country or group talk like. An accent most likely contains bits of the sound of your mother tongue. A native speaker of English can immediately hear it, when someone talks with an accent.

But not just for speakers of English as the second languageĀ  an accents matters. For people who live in the UK an American sounds very different too.

She speaks with a strong Irish accent.
He speaks English very fluent and almost accent-free.

There isn’t a real English you could really learn. It’s more important you can make yourself understood than to practice speaking like Prince Charles or 50 Cent. Language as you use it defines your character and your background as well.

Here we have an interesting video with some accents of English

likely = highly probable, happens quite sure
develop=a process from one state to another, “develop to the next level”

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