A mystery is something which is not explicable (unexplainable) or has not been understood yet.  In our world a lot of mysteries have been solved through the last centuries. For people today, it’s not difficult to understand why there are flashes and thunders. We understand that the sun is not a god you have to feed unless he wouldn’t cross the sky. (Maya’s theory)

Many other things wouldn’t be explained today without modern science. They were mysterious mysteries a certain time ago. Nowadays we’re facing other mysteries we do not understand. For example most of us don’t understand how something can be at one and another place at the same time. Well, it’s called Quantum Physics and just a bunch of people truly try to understand it…it’s quite simply a mystery…

Hugh Laurie: Mystery

By the way, this song is a very good example for the usage of tenses.

Present Perfect: Until now and still continuing.
All my life has been a mystery.
You and I have always lived in a different country.
You’ve been dead now let me see….

Present Simple:
As a human being you are history…

Past Simple: finished action
Why did I write this song for you?

nowadays = these days, in the time we are living in, not like in the past
violent dislike  = you do not like someone very, very much
We never meant to be… = We just don’t match together, there’s no sense for us two together
mean = to have a purpose or sense (This signal means you have to stop.)
human being = a man or a woman
be history = be dead now, belong to the past, not any longer existing

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  1. hugh laurie with a song of his own composing which is called, quite simply: mistery. mr. hugh laurie, mistery.

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