The Killer

Barack Obama has killed a fly. Oh, for heavens sake, how could he just do that? It’s on all news:  TV, radio and newspaper. It’s like this would be the most important piece of news I have to hear about today. God, that man is the most powerful man in world but killing a fly doesn’t make him something better or worse than us and it’s not in any way more interesting than when I kill a fly.

Some people do even read too much into it and judge the whole foreign policy on this deed.

For example: writes:
“He is not interested in alleviating the suffering of all beings.”
“He’s behaving just like he did with the fly, acting without considering the consequences of his actions.

See the entire article

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) thinks he should have “exercised more restraint”.

All those people are just exaggerating.

Let’s imagine a different situation. Let’s say hypothetically that this fly – rest in peace you little insect – wouldn’t have been killed by Obama.  Killed is such a strong word, isn’t it? Anyway, I think that newspapers would have written about how the most powerful man in the world could not do anything against it or that he is a sissy not being able to kill a small even a small fly. This sounds like non-sense but what we watched, heard or read actually is non-sense too.

There’s a very suitable saying in German for such things: “Aus einer Mücke einen Elefanten machen” It is quite funny because in this context it fits even more than usual. Which in English would be: “Make an elephant out of a fly”. Mücke means fly. An English idiom which means the same like the German one is: “to make mountains out of molehills“.

So much for today. Thank you.

Just if someone’s interested, the brutal and vicious kill of Obama – Ninja Style:

kill = make stop living
read into = interpret
exaggerating = to make something seem more than it actually is

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