Interview with a terrorist

Today, we’ll watch a excerpt of the David Letterman Show. The show is a typical late night show, late night shows are quite popular in the U.S.. David Letterman is just one of those guys who invite stars to their show and talk with them about recent films, books or anything else that interests the audience in the states.

So, here we go with tonight’s guest whose name is Sacha Baron Cohen. A well-educated Cambridge graduate of history and entertainer best known as Ali G. and Borat. He’s introducing his movie Brüno which is coming into cinemas.

Reviews of Brüno idicate that the movie is a has-to-be-seen one for people who can neglect the immorality and disgust of the film itself and see its message behind showing that a lot of people are just pretending to treat all others equal.

USA Today wrote:
Brüno offers more shock value for your moviegoing dollar than any other movie this year.

LA Time wrote:
Brüno is an idiot savant of penetration — breaking through borders, boundaries and anything that resembles good taste on his way to whipping up as much cultural anarchy as he can[…]

excerpt = one part of the whole
recent = quite now, not long ago

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