Let me show you a fantastically, gripping and humorous TV series. The series is called Chuck and he’s the main character of the series. Its plot is set in California where Zachary Levi is starring Chuck, a guy kicked from Stanford and currently working in the Buy More. One day he receives an e-mail from his old friend which contents highly confidential data. When he opens it Chuck loads a whole bunch of government secrets in his brain and needs by then protection and supervision by the CIA and NSA. The reason is that he is now a kind of computer that keeps secrets and flashes on things he sees. This might be a terrorist or something related to a secret of the government.

Variety describes it as:
Chuck possesses modest charm, impressive stunt work and another mildly appealing reluctant hero.

I love the series, it’s so entertaining and funny but see for yourself. Here’s the promo.

gripping = very interesting
confidential = secret
a whole bunch = a lot
supervision = to be observed, to be watched, to be looked after
reluctant = not voluntarily, not like to be but has to

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