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Science is an amazing thing, isn’t it? Ancient cultures have discovered and worked out the basics of what we call today science. It is amazing what discoveries the old Greeks made for instance Aristotle thought of the world as a spherical globe. And since then it was a known fact that our earth is a globe and not flat. Some people think that during the dark ages the earth was considered to be flat but this mistake origins from Washington Irving’s fictional tale A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus.

Later however people like Galilei had to justify for their non-sense in front of the inquisition court. Science was not popular in the church. Therefore a lot of scientists couldn’t work freely in public and publish their discoveries. If there wouldn’t have been the dark ages I could tell that a lot of scientific achievements would have been made much earlier.

Let’s get a little bit further and to a specific subject: chemistry. What wonderful subject it is. Began as alchemy when people first tried to make Gold. During 250 years people found ways to create almost anything but Gold, what they were originally looking for.

This brings us right to the present and again a very entertaining and gripping show. It’s called Breaking Bad which means that you for one or more times just won’t do what law tells you. And this is indeed a good title for this TV production. A high school teacher starts cooking Meth to earn money.

Meth is one of the most dangerous and damaging drugs in the world. It damages your organs and makes you look much older than you are because of a ingredient (I just can’t come up with the name but it doesn’t really matter) which interferes with your skin regeneration and that could make a 23 years old addict look like a 40 years old wasted man.

spherical = like a ball
dark ages = time between the end of the roman empire and start of the renaissance also middle age

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