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I’ve been thinking about quite a lot of things recently. My thoughts were especially cruising around that whole debate about internet downloads and so on and so forth. It seems to be a never-ending discussion. The thing is, people download all kinds of content from the internet and do not feel obliged in any way. We do not care about an artist nor a film director or an actor.

You maybe think: “Why should we?” Celebrities wear bling and drive Bentleys; we should not give a single penny of our little money. Though, there are perhaps cool bands making cool music in a garage in Melbourne or there may be a rapper rhyming like the next 2Pac in a New Yorker underground club.  These artists need to be supported, why wouldn’t you buy their CD?

Let’s say you live somewhere in the middle of Europa, how on earth could you possibly know a band in Melbourne or a rap artist in NY? The answer is simple: Internet. Most musicians I listen to are not superstars and I only came across them while I surfing the net looking for artists making similar kind of music I already listen to. Then I download it.

Two things happen then. Firstly, I decide whether I like the music or not. Secondly, I have the music I want. There is no reason to spend more time looking for an internet shop which sells that CD. Furthermore, there is no need to wait for delivery of that CD. CDs are inconvenient anyways.

A lot of people may not like this attitude but it is what happens on uncountable computers around the world. Bosses of major music labels in particular do not like people like me, who download music freely. They are afraid to lose their job because they realise that their job is useless.

Nowadays, an artist can put his music on his webpage and offer his work as a free download. This has a bunch of effects. On one hand his music will be distributed freely across the internet and on the other hand the artist has taken care of his marketing. No need for the middle-man at the major label company. Exactly, that is why MGM and Universal want to get rid of and ThePirateBay because they are platforms which act as a new middle-man with the little difference that they do not take the most part of the artist’s sales.

Then, you probably think, how an artist could earn money by offering his work freely on the internet. That is the point, where all his fans he has on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace come in. If that artist is good and a talent, making good music or whatever, people will come to his concerts, they will buy his t-shirts and other merchandising stuff. That is what fans do; they want to express their admiration for someone. That is exactly the way how artists should earn their salary. Eliminating the unnecessary middle-man and promoting themselves free of charge on the internet.

There is so much more I could say but I’ll save that for another post.

Almost forgot a video. Here we go, with an introduction to fines given in different countries if you download music from the web.

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