Consumption and time

Speaking of all the stuff we are able to download on the internet. I have another thought I would like
to share with you all.
Nowadays, we are able to download all kinds of music, movies and TV-series from the internet without
a much effort but do we have time to consume all that?
We collect and chase just like our pre-historic ancestors did. Teenies download movies even in high definition
and create a comprehensive collection of movies but most of those teenagers do not have enough time to watch it
Moreover I suspect that it is not only the case with movies and so on but with books, Wikipedia, and learning material
in general as well. In today’s society we have access to almost everything we would like to know. But who is
able to apply that knowledge in practice.
I guess there are not many people who have the capability to consume all they want. There are rather people who do not have sufficient time to learn whatever they wish.

So, what shall we do?

I must say, I do not know. But if you have ever wondered, where it all comes from, check the video below.

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