Shutter Island

Hi y’all

I have just watched that new film Shutter Island starring Di Caprio. Firstly, don’t worry I’m not going to spoil the entire plot with the end you would have never expected, I mean who comes up with such a script. The guy is called Scorsese and I hope I just spelled that correctly.

Anyways, that movie is remarkable in terms of the tension that is being built throughout the whole film. I literally did not get up once for over two hours. The movie is shocking and lacks truly no thing except maybe for a better audio line, AC3 sucks.


I imagined being in such a creepy place and just couldn’t stop thinking about it. What if I were in such a place completely sane and suddenly everybody says “your nuts”, “you belong here”, “you must stay here”, “you are a danger for society”. Mental illness facilities like that one are absolutely scary and I have no intention of going in there at all. I always imagine people who were lobotomised or drugged so that they are not capable of expressing themselves anymore. Such things just scare the hell out of me. Aren’t feeling everything we got? Everything is linked to our brain and if our brain gets mashed up by hardcore drugs what is it that remains?

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  1. hey honey 🙂

    always interesting what you’re doing in your free time (or worktime?)

    would be nice to see a blog about the following video… I thought you could be interested in it… have you ever donated blood? I’m going to do it soon.. do it too!

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