Book of Eli SPOILER

ALERT! It’s the Bible. SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the movie yet. SPOILER ALERT!

So, let’s start. I have just seen “The book of Eli”. A film starring Denzel Washington as Eli on his godly journey heading West where he is supposed to find a save place for his King James Bible. But let me provide you with some more background. It’s set in the U.S. in a post-apocalyptic future where people can’t read and the entire world heritage is lost. Except for some people in the West who collect and try to preserve it and re-establish the society with its former knowledge and education. Eli is on his quest from east to the west (I should become a rapper) and he is always carrying the Bible with him. That’s more or less the story. If you want to know the rest of it check out Wikipedia or download the movie from some piracy site if you’re not up to paying money for that movie.

Anyways, what disturbs me about the movie is not only that it lacks a real background story which offers viewers insight to the cause of the catastrophe. It is rather the Bible itself. Why did they choose the Bible? I mean really. I can’t see why that book would be any more important than an encyclopaedia or “Being nice for dummies”. The film is well-made in terms of its martial art scenes and its realistically appearing special effects. Yet it lacks a good story and an objective.

If the world ended up that badly I would rather care about a book which explains basic engineering to build new machines or a book on how to grow plants and food. This is essential and not the Bible. I hope I am not offending any religious people who read my blog. But no one reads it anyways, so what the hell. The bible is the source and cause of many wars that are made nowadays. Of course it helps people to get on with each other and teaches basic rules how people ought to behave. It’s the base upon which laws in the western world are based on but these rules can be taught differently as well. If the world was at such a state as it’s in the movie, I definitely would not start again by teaching rules from the Bible. I would teach rules neutrally and not make the same mistake all over again.

While I’m writing this, a question pops in my mind. What are the right rules? Who decides that? Is there a perfect summary of those rules in some kind of book? Who wrote that and why is that person right? Yes, maybe there would be war again and groups that separate and change the rules as they like. Perhaps new religions or followers of certain rules would be created. Damn. It’s difficult. But I would at least give it a try. Creating a new world without religious bias, a world whose rules are based on common sense and not on stories from the olden days must be at least worth a try. When we cut it down to the bones the rules are more or less the same no matter who writes it and which religion it is.

I shouldn’t really write about religion because that’s usually one of those taboo topics such as politics, racism, American patriotism and the list goes on.

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