Climate change gibber gabber

“Climate change will affect you.”

“Global warming is all faked.”

“IPCC are just a bunch of liars.”

“Glaciers will melt and cause major natural catastrophes.”

That is stuff you can read around the World Wide Web. Personally, I can’t tell who is lying or who is right. Probably both are partially right and wrong. Since I’m not an expert on that subject I do not claim to have a correct answer to questions and problems but I have some thought I would love to share.

One thing I have experienced in the past few years is that older people and by old I mean all people above the age of forty years (No offence!) are saying that they have never seen weather like this. Back when they were young it never rained that much, it was never that hot, storms were never that extreme and so forth. That’s what I hear from people everywhere in Europe. No matter if they are 40, 50 or 60 years old. Weather as it appears nowadays is completely new even to them. Judged by those opinions there is definitely something changing. Moreover, something is changing in a very alarming way. I will leave you to judge whether this is significant or not.

Secondly, a whole lot of people with high reputation all around the world are saying that global warming is a serious issue. Well, I’m not sure how much influence governments, companies and the illuminati have but I dare to doubt that so many scientists would give up their principles to a fake research results about global warming.

Furthermore, there is a highly important question. Is it caused by humans? Well, no matter if it is or not. Would not everybody and our own planet earth benefit if we stopped consuming and using so much oil and other fossil fuels? In my opinion, people should try to become more independent and switch to greener technologies not just for sake of our global climate but also for the sake of our own countries and their independence from others. Let me back up a bit and get to the point if it was caused by humans or not. Ever since the era of industrialisation mankind’s demands have risen enormously. We need more food, cars, water. Basically, we need more of everything. Therefore, it is my belief that all carbon dioxide, plastic and other waste must affect our climate. It would be naive to say it’s not. It’s basic physics, we cause a billion kilograms of CO2 and the result we get is the so-called greenhouse effect. Others may beg to differ here and say that we are heading towards an ice age or that the world has always had its ups and downs. Still, if the change is natural, it may still be pushed by humans and that’s a problem which needs to be taken care of.

And here I am again, not knowing if it is all real or not. Not knowing if we can stop or avert it. Not knowing if all that green energy hype is helping. Maybe it is just a money-making, evil world that uses their citizens and makes them believe they have to buy so-called green products to save their environment. Companies always do that. On the other hand, I can look at it from the perspective of an engineer and say that R&D departments will achieve advancements in all kinds of fields only to make us a less wasteful world. This will push the envelope in science; companies will invest and thus create new jobs. That is all for good. And for all I know progress in that direction is good. What can I say, I’m not a pessimist.

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  1. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  2. This is a great tutorial, Katrina! I’ve leanred to sew already, but I love how you’ve explained each step in detail and added in little reminders. It’s very easy to understand! About your list-making: don’t worry, you’re not too out of control. I’m an avid list-maker as well, and it really makes things feel more under control. My boyfriend is being deployed to Afghanistan next year, and I have lists up the wahoo of things to send to him and do while he’s gone! As an end note, I fully agree with Christina that mobile is too cute!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my “Fear of Fl&g2iy#8n21; post. I have been more nervous since 9/11 as well. Think that’s why the fear has taken over me!I love this diaper bag – so stylish and roomy! With 2 in diapers I need a roomy bag![]

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