Others like me

I think like like-minded people, that’s why I like them.

As funny as this sentence sounds which came up in my mind a few weeks back, it bears an important meaning to our everyday lives. I kept thinking about it and the more I thought about it the more I realised that it is very true.

We are surrounded by many people, at work, school, home and elsewhere. We also have friends. What kind of friends do we have? What are they like? Are they like you? Well, in my case I made a little discovery. When you think about your closest friends you either see that they are very like-minded or that they’re not. For me, my best friends are very different on all kinds of things. Nonetheless, we have certain stuff in common which connects us. You probably think now, what’s the point of the sentence at the beginning then or what’s the point at all? I am just getting closer to it. Think about a moment in your life when you were totally new in an environment. For example you entered a new study programme or started a new job. Loads of unknown people are in a room as you enter. As a new part of this community you will have to find your place. What is the first thing you do? I would say you check all people out and motion towards those who appear to be like you. Or probably people that are the way you would like to be.

At first you only expected to be accepted in the group as a part of them. Once you joined a group of people that have seemingly the same interests and opinions as you do successfully, you will start to make new friends. As time passes by you will get to know each other better and better. This will prove if  you were right or wrong at first glance. You will automatically stay with those people who share interests in order to establish a conversation. Someone may be just like you and shares your views or the person may be totally different. Normally, you would stick to those that are like you. Because you can talk to those people and get to know them. Even though it might be only small talk. Usually, you won’t stay with people that are totally different. Because no conversation, jokes or anything of that sort would develop from ordinary small talk. Later you will see that even someone who has tons of things in common with you will have different views on some things at some point. That’s completely normal. As you get to know people better you will see their flaws, background and realise you are not the same. That’s when friends start to broaden your mind and you start to discuss, argue and have fun. Those are moments when a friendship start to grow between people. We can’t have the exact same views on everything. We are different and those differences will surface sooner or later. Everything else would be very creepy and I would try to find out if he or she is a spy, stalker, illuminati or from outer space.

No matter how you meet someone, most of us will probably not even remember how they met some of their best friends, it is important that at first we were very alike. Then it turned out that those people we later call friends, have other opinions too. But still, they are our friends. Every friendship starts with a shared interest, style, opinion at a place where you meet for a reason. And yes, that’s basically everywhere. So, friends can be made everywhere and true friends will overcome even the biggest disputes about interests, styles and opinions.

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