Opportunity and education

It’s sad sometimes how young people in the western world, especially in the richer countries, let themselves go and live their live with a “fuck it all” or “I don’t care” attitude. I always attempt to encourage young people to learn and educate themselves. Everybody should use his abilities for the best and try to make the world a better place. Of course I am not suggesting becoming an ambassador or anything like a saint. What I am trying to get to is that by making the best out of yourself, you will make the world a better place automatically. You don’t need to do voluntary work if you don’t want to and you don’t need to join Green Peace. The only thing that matters to me is that you should live up to your abilities and the huge amount of options you are given today. People let’s say in Switzerland (yes, I live in Switzerland) can enjoy some of the best education in the entire world for a more reasonable price than anywhere else in the world. But what do people do in Switzerland, young bright minds start rising up against schools and just care for less important things than their future. Education is future. Without education there will not be any progress. Not all young people think that way of course. Nonetheless, the fact that many do is freaking me out. In other countries such as the former Yugoslavian countries the entire society seems somewhat numb. There is no future because there is no real educational system and subsequently many people lack a perspective. Young people can’t find work and waste their lives. Even if you were intelligent, you couldn’t find an employer. You would only go away to another country and start a new life. It’s tragic that it doesn’t matter a damn thing if you have master’s degree or nothing but you secondary school to show in your CV because there is no job for either of you that matches your qualification.

Education is the key and gladly in most western countries it is a matter of highest importance. You may be complaining about your school or university but that is just peanuts compared to the problems other societies are facing. While you complain that a letter has arrived with your name misspelled, people in other countries try to acquire new books and a classroom which is equipped at least with some usable furniture. Furthermore, no company is looking for people with skills. The reason is, that such companies neither can afford nor have the money to implement ideas of innovative people. What would be the point in employing such a person? The system is a vicious cycle. Young people do not get sufficient education and have no motivation since there is no perspective for them even though they may hold a master’s degree in a scientific discipline. Trust me this is not a situation you want to be in. I assume you live somewhere in Western Europe or the U.S., where education belongs to the foundation of a functional society.

If you are intelligent and/or willing to learn take the opportunity and get yourself to the next level. Achieve something. Be a maker. And always think of people who would wish to have the chance you have. Do not just take it all for granted since it’s absolutely not.

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