Stupid stupidity and the importance of pointlessness

This is not one of those London experience entries. Nonetheless, London inspired me for this blog entry. Ever since I arrived in this metropolis I had difficulties with getting informed about what is happening around the world. I feel very unsettled by the fact that newspapers are just rubbish here. How do people get informed about things? It took a friend of mine several weeks until she found out that a huge oil spill was threatening marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. Even more bizarre is that she was told by her parents in Switzerland via Skype.

Metro News, The Evening Standard and many other newspapers inform the general public about recent affairs of celebrities and spread rumours which do not bear any important nor useful information. It’s very stupid, basically. People are being dumbed down. They take what they get and think it is important and other events of much higher relevance are being neglected by the majority. The problem is not that people don’t care. It is rather the fact that newspapers publish pointless stuff on the front page which everybody will read since it appears to be significant. Small, little pieces of news won’t be read because they seem unimportant. Media corporations encourage the process of dumbing down because they need to attract people’s attention and won’t be funded unless they write about celebs, scandals, excesses and so on. That is absolutely sad. We just get news and have to deal with it and if we would like some quality news we have to look for it. Shitty news will be brought to us by most newspapers, TV and radio voluntarily!

In comparison to Switzerland I feel much less informed about current affairs than here. There are possibly a couple of explanations but the foremost reason is certainly the system of direct democracy. People in Switzerland get to vote every quarter of the year and can oppose basically all major decisions of the parliament. Thus, people inform themselves what is happening and parties are highly active when it comes what they promote. Topics affecting small villages are being discussed just as well as changes in the constitution. All that is not the case in the UK as far as I can conclude from my observations and chats with people.

It has a resemblance of zombies wandering around having no idea what decisions are made behind their backs though it all happens right in front of their eyes.


We are being manipulated by powerful corporations which virtually own the news. Many people are aware of that and just don’t give a flip. (Flip here means fuck) I have friends who are really into alternative news which sometimes make more sense but most aren’t.

No matter how much we want to understand what is really happening around the world we cannot possibly process every bit of information. That is maybe why we grab only the headline news. But as I said not all of us are able to dedicate as much time to find out what really happens in the world. So, we just decide to ignore it or more precisely to just take note of it but do neither believe nor spread it because we know it is just the “official” version of what happened. As long as we do not stop to think on our own it is good. And I think my posts are getting longer and longer and I know your time is limited which is why I’ll just stop here.

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