Oxford Street, London

It is a place where consumerism reaches an orgasm. Tens of thousands of people walk through this enormous street each day. Dozens of things people like, want or even need are sold every time you blink. We, human beings, it seems have found an extraordinarily convenient way to reward ourselves. If we are good at something or if we achieved one of our goals regardless of type or place. It could be work, family of simply something we are proud of ourselves. If we achieve something like that, we need to be rewarded. Unless a person who we respect or is superior to us does that we feel dissatisfaction. We have the need to be rewarded by our social environment with money, goods or words. Otherwise, we will find a way to take care of that ourselves.

In the olden days when media and subsequently advertising was not as ubiquitous and as manipulative people would just be dissatisfied and helpless to find a way around. (I guess, since I never lived in the olden days).  Fortunately, the US introduced consumerism and a throw-away way of life after World War II. They pushed the economy and laid the foundations for today’s world. This, however, opened a way of self-reward for those people who did not receive it by others. Nowadays, it is simple. If, for instance, you do not get what you want at work today you have a solution. If you do not get the praise for your contribution at work by receiving a bonus, promotion or round of applause then you can go and buy satisfaction.

Numerous locations conveniently accessible for all of us who feel the need to buy them satisfaction are available, especially in Oxford Street. Hugo Boss, HMV, H&M, Apple, Swarovski, Ted Baker, Ray Ban, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Sony, UGG, and many, many, many more offer you rewards someone else missed to give you. Every price range available, all credit cards accepted, open during the whole week.

Anyhow, Oxford Street is the perfect place for that and still I do resist buying things which I have no use for. Some sort of realisation that I do not need it and just want to buy it for a reason other than actual use.

I honestly admit that I also have bought things in my life I didn’t need just because I wanted it so badly but did not need it at all effectively. But now, at a not too mature age, I thankfully have already understood that there is no real point in all that. It will not solve any problem. It is only short-term happiness and satisfaction. Solutions must be found elsewhere.

People should fight for the appreciation of their work. It is one thing to boast but it is another to make people appreciate what you have achieved and speak about it proudly. This might prove to be difficult but it is the only right and genuine way to feel better in the long run. So, you would only need to go to Oxford Street if you truly needed something.

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