Everybody can be a winner

In our lives we aim for goals. That is the reason why we get up in the morning every day, get changed and head where ever necessary. It can be many things we aim for, career, family or personal achievements.

But, unfortunately, we cannot achieve all our goals no matter how much effort we put in. Some succeed in more things than others. And there are many of us thinking they are not successful or not as successful as they are supposed to be. Society enslaves us and puts us in cages where we need to fit in as something we are not. Just like little hamsters we run and run and end up at the same place we started. Our efforts are doomed to fail because we are just not made for it. People like that sometimes see themselves as losers and I quite frankly believe, that all of us thought of themselves as underachievers or losers one time or another. This particularly happens as we get older. To all those who think they are LOSERS, I say that “NO”, you can change.

I got to know myself and know many things I am not talented at. I am not a musician neither can I sing, I am also no athlete or a craftsman. I learnt that I am not good at sports because I played and never reached more than average. I was mediocre. I thought I was a loser because I wanted to be better at it. Friends of mine who play music always made me feel envious because I could not play and I always thought I have to play too and when I tried I failed terribly. It takes a great deal of time and practice and even then you may not reach a level beyond average. It can also be at work, every day we try to sell, present and impress and it sometimes just does not work. We see ourselves as failures and feel bad. There are people walking around and thinking that they are not good at what they do. Losers.

I say that everybody can be a WINNER.  The issue is that we always think we need to be good at what others tell us to be good at. Consciously or subconsciously our environment shapes us and so our goals in life are defined by others. When you are surrounded by prodigious musicians you will feel the need to play music or see yourself as a failure otherwise. In your job the same applies, you think you want/need to be good at something whereas it’s only that other people expect that from you. Often parents push their kids in a direction and when a child is being told to be a doctor or lawyer it will inevitably always think of being that and if not it will see itself as a loser. Open your mind and try new things. There are so many great people getting up every morning and heading towards a pointless, unhappy life. These so-called losers who sometimes walk around for decades of their lives just have not yet FOUND what they could be succeeding in. Anyone can find that particular thing he is good at. Basically, it is a process of trial and error. Try a job, hobby, anything and see if it is what you are good at.

THAT is the only thing that distinguished losers from winners. I have my thirst for knowledge and people say I’m a smart guy. As I said, I am not good at sports, working with tools or making music but I can talk. I can talk about things. I can’t sew but I can persuade, I can’t run but I can convince, I can’t throw but I can understand, I can’t play guitar but I can conceive, I can’t saw but I can argue.

My mind is the tool I need to sharpen. Questions which I ask are the right ones, that is what I think, as of now at least, is what I need to do. I will try and who knows maybe I will succeed.

As I said, sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the right thing, sometimes it’s less but UNDOUBTEDLY everyone can find it and be a WINNER.

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  1. that what I was playing was not a song. Well even thgouh I am half deaf, I know my math and instead of moving on to another song we started to argue about it. Charlie had just showed up in the middle of it and Virgina had a short lived smile (the smurk you get before you hear see I told you so) on her face as she introduced us. She said I will prove to you that is not a song. Meet my friend charlie he is a professional musician and he will tell you thats not a song. Charlie grabbed another guitar and asked me to play. when I started he jumped right on in and took that song to another level, to where I got lost into the groove. It put me into a trance like high and, when the fog started to clear I looked over at virgina she was all into it and no one could mistake it that the big smile on my face was from pure pleasure, not for spite but pure pleasure from the music. I have been legally deaf all my life but I always have had a love for music. Charlie saw this and he welcomed me to jam with him any time. I have a foster mother who was inducted into the musical Hall of Fame because most of her students became renouned teachers themselves. She told me to forget trying to play, because I was too tone deaf. Well hell Ma! I am deaf! I dont know if it made her mad when my oldest sister who also teaches music called her up and told her that she should hear stan play and that we were having a good time. Thanks to frankie who showed me some things charlie taught him and charlie who’s creativity that was in everything he did. We became good friends until I and Frankie Shinn had a fall out because a bitch melody didnt like the way I dumped her. Needless to say I showed up at charlie and Lynns house and melody was there telling him that I had fucked Frankie over bad. Charlie told me that was fucked up for what I did to Frankie and that I should leave. I would have done the same in his position because I dont like brothers that fuck over other brothers either. A week later I was over at Katies and Charlie showed up and we went for a walk around the block and he said he found out what really happened and I told him I was more than ok with what he did because thats what being real is all about. If you know charlie you can Imagine him spitting in his hand and sticking it out for me to shake as he is saying real brothers for life if you want it and the smile on his face when I worked up the biggest greenish lewgy I could to spit on mine, to shake that hand.You know thats its a good brother that in the heat of the moment at 1:30 am in the rain on a motor cycle with a big ass samuri sword strapped to his back down town Livermore and charlie is pissed and out looking for dennis, katties boy friend and he sees me getting gas, that he pulled up to say hi brother when did you get back into town? and all I had to say is park, we’ll take my car. I am glad we never found dennis! In the end, my wife had passed away and charlie knew how much that fucked me up and he said that he was going to call me every or every other day to check and that I should pick up and just say hi and hang up until I wanted to talk. He did this religiously, true to his word. He helped me work things out within myself and probably saved everyone else at the same time.He and I made plans that I should get out and come visit him in P-Town. I was almost there when I got a call from Pat and Judi they said that I had to go to their place first before I stoped at charlies because it was important. When I got there they told me the news. I was glad that it was Pat and Judi that had told me and how they did it. Charlie and I did a lot of crazy things and had a lot good times and thats all that needs to be said about that but, True to his word he was a real Brother for life.

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