Merry Christmas my dear readers however few you are

I will enjoy the days and do my best to recover from new year celebrations in order to be able to provide you with many more interesting posts about all kinds of things next year.

Now it is time to prepare for holiday and for those who celebrate Christmas it is time to show how important other people are for you. Make a nice present, call someone or do something else. It is supposed to be a holiday of love. Show it to the people you love. It is not about money or self-gratification, it should be only to have a good time with people that you could rely on during the year. Who was there when you needed someone to listen? Who made you smile with a small letter, mail or gift when you least expected it? Who gave you a call one night when you did not feel well? Who could you talk to when you wanted to and be yourself without disguising your real emotions? It is exactly those people who deserve a present from you. Without such celebrations people would stop making presents for anyone. Christmas is just a very auspicious moment and brought to every one’s mind since everything is covered in decorations, music on the radio is all Christmassy and so on. People don’t have to make a present but they can and the best time for that is Christmas. Make someone you like smile and I can tell you there is nothing more worth than a happy smile of someone that you like and is close to you.

Thanks to all people who read this blog, I appreciate it a lot and look forward to being back next year.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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  1. Joe – A Canon SX20is. It’s a mega-zoom that’s a little too large to call a coapmct but not quite as big as an SLR. Got it mainly for its zoom capability but sometimes I wish I had gone for something smaller like the coapmct suggested in the blog. Thanks to ultra-spective for the camera advice!December 3, 2012 4:07 am

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