The young man and the sea

A new year has begun and it is going to be one of the most important for me. My life will change fundamentally, decisions have to be made and directions have to be set. The only question is, which?

I already finished half my marketing internship here in London and I was able to gain insights, experience and ideas which are crucial for planning my future. My future is uncertain but flooded with options. Fortunately, I found out that I am not the only person thinking of what to do. Two of my workmates just finished their bachelor degree last summer and invest a lot of time now in finding their right master program. GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, rankings, fees are criteria which need to be checked and rechecked until in the end an application with all the information about you and preferably some recommendations are sent to universities across Europe. Afterwards they only can wait and hope. Also one of my flatmates, a master student from Austria, is in between his time-consuming master thesis and a start-up company. Once you enter the real work-life, you quickly forget about grades and a face much larger challenge. Real responsibility. Until the end of your studies everything seems to have a clear direction: bachelor, master and internships and the like. And what then? Something real big starts. It is as if you fought your way on a giant ship, through all decks to the steering wheel and you will need to take it from there yourself. You need to seize the opportunity and make your way into the future. If you want you can make it a bright and promising one. You make the decisions, be target-oriented and do not under any circumstances drift into nowhere because that would make the entire effort you made, from the lowest deck to the captain’s chair a huge waste of time.

There is a saying in German with smiths and how they forge their own luck. I think “Man forges his own destiny.” is what English people would say. It is invaluably helpful for me to see people making their decisions and be able to ask them questions. In London in particular I come across many people who are about to take their life in their own hands. These impressions are indispensable even though I do not always notice them consciously. It shapes your plans, rules out some options, shows you where you might go and where not. In the end it broadens one’s mind and a distant dream emerges on the horizon and becomes an achievable goal which you can pursue. If you are persistent enough then at some point you will find the way through the sea of options life has given you and you will realise it is not just useless lemons, it is what you make it. A dream can come true even if at first it is far away, the further you sail the more it becomes a goal, in the end you will have a plan and your dream comes true.

And do not worry if you do not succeed at first, we all get lost every once in a while, especially on such a large ship as life. Luckily, you will always find friendly people who are happy to listen to you, to help you and to bring you back on the right way.

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