I’m 20 now. I enjoyed my birthday during the whole weekend. I celebrated with flatmates, colleagues, friends and I am about to tell you how cool it is to be in London for your 20th birthday.

We were in Ten Bells pub on Thursday evening drinking and enjoying ourselves. Nothing special really, except that the notorious Jack the Ripper has found his last victim in this place over 100 years ago. It was the very first time all of us went out together. We all lived in the same house for more than half a year and yet the whole of our flat never went out together. It was the 3rd February. Two days to go until I actually got 20 but such an auspicious moment with my flatmates couldn’t be missed. In the mood to party, we made our way to the Big Chill Bar in Brick Lane and met some Swedish people. Both studied art and were exploring London, later we met some French people who were kind of weird because everyone was everyone else’s girl-/boyfriend. At around midnight, however, we were in the mood to have some food and went to the best bagel place in London. A salt beef bagel for 3.40£ made me happy instantly. Beigle Bake is the place to go to if you think you don’t like bagels because you will be astonished about the fact that you actually  love it. Stuffed and back home we had some cans and deep, profound discussions about the meaning of life. And other things.

February 4th, I had the morning off because I knew I’d need it and it was wonderful to wake up at almost noon, fully recovered for another day of celebration. The first thing I needed to do to go to a lunch meeting with my company. Excellent Thai food near Aldgate made the afternoon quite short and the whole office went partying to Agenda. The popular bar in Mincing Lane, has long happy hours, live music on Fridays and friendly, attractive staff. The birthday of my colleague and me plus the leaving of another colleague were more than enough reasons to knock back half a dozen bottles of champagne and rock the place. It sounds as if we drank a lot. There is no objection to that to be honest. Dancing with random nine-to-fivers from the City was great fun and many at some point knew that it was my birthday. The only money I spent that night was one pound. Only one pound. I spent this very coin on a Chupa Chups Lollipop in the toilet.

5th February, the big day finally arrived. My birthday. I’m officially 20. I did not feel more mature, intelligent or wise but I realised that it is a big step in life. My Facebook wall was flooded with congratulations that I almost drowned in notifications. Some by people I don’t know that well who probably have just too much time but mostly by good friends. This was the day I would celebrate with two good friends and my girlfriend. The only thing I knew though was, that I would need to be at Holborn station at 5pm. During the morning I was skyping with my family who are the cutest and most lovable people I know. They actually made a Black Forest birthday cake for me and celebrated my birthday with a big poster hanging in the background that said “Congratulation for your 20th birthday”. That was so heart-warming. With a smile I took a walk from St.Paul’s Cathedral to pass some time on my own, always accompanied by thought of my life, where I am, where I will go and realised that I am very happy. I am 20 and very happy with my life. Still many challenges to face and obstacles to overcome but absolutely happy.

I was waiting for my friends in Café Nero near Holborn. I had no idea what would happen. I was innocently drinking a cappuccino, dressed casually, ready for a surprise. We walked to the prestigious, posh and elegant Kingsway Hall Hotel nearby. Feeling completely under-dressed we were lead to our table for the dinner. We all were, surprised by the ambient and felt slightly wrong at place with shoulder-free tops or Converse shoes. The wine card was the first challenge I faced, though, I managed quite well with some vague vocabulary about taste and scent of the wine. The dinner was followed by the actual big surprise: a comedy show. Four hilarious comedians, I can’t remember their names, gave the best show which made me laugh hard and heartily. Coincidentally, we had front-row seats, right in front of the mic. We were not just watching but experiencing the show. Being part of the whole mockery about Swiss people and others made it a ten times more memorable night. It was so much fun, laughing out load about their jokes. At some point during the show, when one was talking about either religion or politics you could easily notice that the laughter was limited since, obviously, some felt offended. I laughed anyways, when the Pope was entitled the head of the world’s largest pedophile ring I laughed and the fact that comedians were struggling to come up with jokes during 8 years of Bush administration because he wrote the best jokes himself. That was just hilarioius.

I am a happy guy and happy to have my friends around me, and my family, and my workmates. In the end, I absolutely enjoyed Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The icing on the cake though was the champagne brunch with my friends on Sunday with salmon and fresh croissants. All of us sitting around the table, talking and having a laugh, while the morning sun was shining through the window after an eventful weekend which I will always remember. I’m 20 now.

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