How I Met Your Mother – Connecting People

“Low Five!”, instead of the usual, well-known high five, I said to my workmate to mark a line as a successful joke. We were at the table waiting for our dinner. A nice Turkish place called Özer which is only few minutes from Oxford Circus. Our new colleague, let’s call her Angie, spotted us doing so. She was still a bit quiet since she only started the job a week ago. Later on, I was speaking with Angie and she at some point said “True story.”, which almost made me ask her if she knew How I Met Your Mother. “True story” is HIMYM specific, just as “Legendary!”, “Do you like magic?”, “Suit up!”, “The Cheerleader Effect”, “Woo Girls!”, “500 Miles”, “Wait for it…”, “I think I’m in love with you” and the list could go on endlessly. But I hesitated to ask, because I didn’t want to come over as a weird, TV-series junkie, who incorporates every phrase of the series in his real life, which I actually am. Then, as a big surprise to me, she asked if I watch the series. I was enthralled. It was almost unbelievable that she asked me that and of course she loved the series. As I mentioned before, she was still a bit quiet and shy, talking about HIMYM while having a drink made it much easier to break the ice and get to know the person you’re working with a bit. Judging by jokes and insiders of HIMYM. That is the HIMYM-phenomenon. At the same time though, another pheonmenon happend. As the three of us were speaking with each other, the other two of the group, unfortunately, were unable to join the discussion since they don’t watch. That was a bit unpractical. The I-don’t-watch-it-exclusion-phenomenon. It often happens that fans of HIMYM talk together and other people get slightly excluded from the discussion due to the overwhelming amount of inside jokes. It’s a great TV-series, another world, a world everyone would like to be in and just high five Barney, sit in the booth at MacLarens bar and talk. As we spoke about other amazing stories from our friends and how they started watching it and how it became the most important topic at their uni, workplace, friends circle besides learning, making money and well, for friends circles there isn’t an alternative. HIMYM is big fun and everyone who misses out on it, misses out on a huge piece of joy.

Once, in the fishbar at the end of Brick Lane with my two Swiss friends we sat there and sipped our bowl of Moijto. One of my friends enjoys the series, the other hates it, because he is usually the guy who gets excluded when we talk about it. There we were, high fived at some point and said that their visit to London will be legendary. A girl opposite noticed us doing that and asked if we were fans of the TV-series. We talked with that girl and her friend and spent the rest of the night having great fun.

Another time, in Starbucks, Charing Cross. I was sitting there at the window watching the people and writing in my little black book when suddenly a girl next to me started talking to me and we speak about London, its greatness, its diversity, its party-life. We also spoke about how we learned English so well, because we both spoke it rather well. I explained that by watching TV-series which I loved I improved tremendously and BAM, HIMYM! There it is again! We spoke for half an hour or so about how cool it is. As my girlfriend arrived to meet me for dinner we said good-bye, she was one of many strangers who I met and had a great chat with just by having this series in common. My girlfriend too, she likes the series and everyone I recommended it as well. It’s ubiquitous, people love it and people like to talk about things they love. It’s simply connecting people!

HIMYM is just legend….wait for it…….dary!!!

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