The city of love on the other side of the iron curtain

A flourishing jazz scene, beautiful sights, good coffee, delicious food and an old town that lures you around its old streets to invite you to discover one of the most charming cities in Europe. Prague, with its bohemian heritage is worth a trip because it’s enjoyable and only half as expensive as Paris.
Lokal Inn, a lovely, rustic hotel with a lot of charm only one minute away of the famous “Karlov Most”, the bridge that was built hundreds of years ago. Trombonists play on top of it every hour from 10 am on. This was a much more pleasing sound to hear than a ring tone from a phone. Waking up to that sound basically made you happy about getting up and preparing to explore all the little cafes which not only offer fantastic illy coffee but also domestic schnapps. The name is derived from the fruit that it’s made of such as plums and apples. Slivovice is by far the most sold version of this typical Eastern European liquor. It’s strong and it’s warming.
The nightlife is an interesting mixture of western hits with some German influence. In a bar called “Lucerna bar”,  70s, 80s video parties are highly popular and so dancing to the tunes of Nena’s 99 Luftballons and Micheal Jackson’s “Black or White”. People are friendly, in a party mood and not just standing around as if they had a broom stuck up their arses.
In terms of bookshops I have never seen something as whole-heartedly decorated as the “Shakespeare – A synove and sons” shop just a minute away from our hotel. Old type-writers, posters, carpets in an ancient-like old building next to a side-creek of the Moldau.
The culinary way of living in Prague is extraordinarily diverse from classic  Knödel, dumplings made of potato or yeast accompanied with goulash to Italian or Asian food everything can be found. After a night at the Swan Lake ballet this is a perfect welcome for an empty stomach. It’s delicious, the ambiance is romantic and more often than not you will find a small jazz band playing old time classics. Jazz is everywhere, good music is ubiquitous in this city. Be it with buskers on the bridges, in clubs,bars, cafes or restaurants. Prague has elegance and style.
If you dare to take a plane to other cities than Paris, London and Berlin, then Prague is a destination worth exploring.

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