Great minds discuss ideas

People constantly need to be motivated for almost anything. It almost seems as if being lazy is our natural state. I am no exception sometimes and I also try to think of ways to motivate myself. What could possibly incentivise me to strive for more than just a mundane routine? Well, I found quotes to be a rather good way to remind me what I actually get up for in the mornings. That is the reason why some quotes hang above my bed and they are the first thing I see after I open my eyes in the morning. Or maybe the second, right after I hit the snooze button for ten more minutes of blissful sleep. These quotes do help! Find quotes that inspire you, don’t just google “motivational quotes”, really pick them out of your daily life, from a teacher, an article, a book you read or well, you can’t avoid it, a page on the internet.
I found the following quote to be integral for my daily motivation. It is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

It is indeed a great quote encompassing very much meaning in only three lines of words. I suppose that is the key to a quote that will be remembered and quoted over decades. Let us have a closer look to what it says.

Small minds discuss people

This will not sound good to all tabloid journalists and gossip-fuelling sub-urban housewives or immature teens talking about the latest outfit of some celebrity. There is apparently more to be discussed than just people. Who did what to whom and who felt how about whom and why. That is boring.

Average minds discuss events

Everybody who reads a newspaper to catch up with current affairs might feel awkward now. I read the newspapers from time to time. I also know very great minds, who read newspapers. How come that these minds are allegedly average? I guess that even FDR and Eleanor read newspapers but they were by no stretch of the imagination average. Discussing what happened, where, when, how is less personified than the first. There is, however, a more important level of talk as compared to discussing what happened.

Great minds discuss ideas

This is where I fell in love with the quote. I love discussing ideas. I don’t like gossiping. What’s the point anyways? Who cares that VIP X had an affair with maid Y… I know there are probably some people out there who do, but frankly, it is a waste of time. I also do not like to discuss events only, although it happens much more often and is mostly linked to an idea. What is an idea anyways? Well, I like discussing how the world could be made a better place with the resources we have. By that I mean, we (friends and I) are students in Switzerland, one of the most developed countries in the world, we do not have major problems, and we have a huge variety of opportunities to fulfil our dreams and aspirations. In a nutshell: the world is our oyster.
That is the reason why we, who live in places where opportunities exist are obliged to seize them. We need to be the change. The nineties are over, the zero years are over. Forget about pot-smoking Snoop Doggy Dog from the nineties and forget about post 9-11 depression of a world in decline. It is up to us. The new decade has commenced. Young people are entrepreneurs who challenge big corporations. Young people question the status quo. Young people can make a difference. We have the internet. We need a computer and we can change the world. Our fathers needed much more to make a difference. We can change just as much as them with much less effort. We ought to do something.

So, we need to speak about ideas, not about people, not about events, ideas! Go ahead…

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