The great things about the US

The US is a strange country it cannot be put in one word which would characterise it aptly. It is simply impossible. It is clear that one word would not encompass the entire character of the country but in many countries people can agree upon certain things. No one would object when someone says that Germans are exact and efficient or French people love good food and fine wine. There are exceptions but it somehow is an accepted cliché. If someone said however the States are amazing, is the country of freedom and democracy, is a country full of gun-nuts and cowboys, high-tech start-up entrepreneurs or crazy people … then you will always find a voice objecting your opinion. That is true and I realise it the longer I am here and the longer I have time to absorb different impressions from all over the country. It is hugely diverse and doesn’t allow for a simply characterisation.

Besides the many critics of the “leaders of the free world” I find many things beautiful here. I would like to share them you:

People are very open and friendly. It is very easy to get in touch with new people and have a good time. As always and everywhere it is rather hard to make good friends but good friendship is a lot of work anywhere.

People are entrepreneurial in many of the places I have seen so far. Universities, see university bubble, are a great way of connecting to others and creating new things. Here in the States you don’t play the safe game – if that is an expression? – you take a leap of faith – that is an expression – then you might become successful in your endeavour. In a country such as Switzerland, a graduate after a successful Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Business makes enough money in order to stop worrying about money issues. It does sound good, I know. It also makes one lazy. Too lazy to start your own business and take a huge risk. I feel as if people here don’t have the guarantee of a great job opportunity after graduation and therefore people rather try something on their own. This might be one of the aspects for a huge and successful start-up culture in Boston, New York and the Silicon Valley. The same stands for other cities such as London and also Berlin. Berlin is known to be “arm aber sexy” which translates to “poor but sexy”. There isn’t much money, people live anyways and people attempt to start-up their own ventures. I find that amazing. There are many other facets to why a region or city has a thriving start-up scene. I only named one which I found to be true.

What’s next? We know that most of great rock music comes from Britain. 🙂 Such as The Who, The Beatles, The Animals, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd and I could go on for a long time there is some things I am so grateful for which come from the US regarding music. For instance rap, I mean the good rap not the over-produced bullshit by big money-making labels, I mean good old school rap which is an expression of class struggles in the States. It is often silenced by big labels by not giving artists the opportunity to spread their message. Regardless, the good rap is there. An example of a successful artist would be Immortal Technique. The next genre would be funk. The entire genre of funk music was influenced largely by US artists. Thank you for that Motown Records. Motown had many influential artists signed and is located in Detroit the “motor town” hence the name. Artists include: Edwin Starr, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, The Commodores and many more!

There are many more things that are great in this country. I am curious to find more great things about it during my stay here. For all people out there, come and have a look. It is worth a visit. It is worth a travel.


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